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Mono Project In a recent interview with the online edition of the Austrian daily Newspaper Der Standard, Mono project-lead Miguel de Icaza pleads for a cooperation between Mono and Microsoft's .Net: "I think that the deal should include a technical Mono/.NET collaboration, and even go as far as Microsoft recommending Mono for all of their developers looking at migration."
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RE: Tracker.
by h times nue equals e on Mon 26th Mar 2007 20:07 UTC in reply to "Tracker."
h times nue equals e
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Is it just me, or is your statement

Jamie is correct, Beagle and Tracker can not be compared, specifically because tracker can only do a tiny fraction of the work that Beagle can do.

logically inconsistent with the previous post from jamie

Tracker is a extensible metadata daemon with a high performance RDF style triple store database + a high speed indexer. Beagle in comparison is just an indexer.

What that means is you can use tracker to store tons of metadata, do desktop tagging, cross reference and cross query all your metadata and provide a next generation integrated desktop. Beagle can not do any of that as its not designed for the task

(emphasis in both quotations mine)

EDIT: it is not the GP post, it's a post from a different thread

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RE[2]: Tracker.
by segedunum on Tue 27th Mar 2007 10:32 in reply to "RE: Tracker."
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Is it just me, or is your statement

...Beagle in comparison is just an indexer.

logically inconsistent with the previous post from jamie


Indeed. Not only is Beagle just an indexer, it is simply a rewrite of Lucene in C# (at least the parts that actually do anything), so I'm not entirely sure what Beagle is actually doing and in what ways Tracker or anything else has to catch up.

It's not as if there is some wonderous stuff going on by virtue of it having been written in C#.

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