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Google Google has launched an instant-messaging (IM) program that allows text chat and computer-to-computer voice connections, a move that highlights the search giant's increasing competition with Yahoo, Microsoft and America Online. You can download Google Talk here. Google also makes it very clear that you do not need Google Talk to use their service, and they provide detailed instructions on using other IM clients to connect to Google Talk. Update: Micheal Robertson announces partnership with Google to promote the use of open standards in VoIP/IM.
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RE[4]: Windoze only
by on Wed 24th Aug 2005 14:31 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Windoze only"

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That's what I was saying, ICQ and MSN are centralized and it doesn't matter. I don't care. What would be so bad if e-mail was also centralized?

"Only Jabber makes it possible for Google to offer an IM service that countless users can directly communicate with. Every additional Jabber service increases the compatible userbase, while every additional proprietary IM service leads to more fragmentation."

Uhh...Did you even read the whole thing? This still does only lead to more fragmentation: you can only use their server and it's not bridged to anywhere else. So, again, it's a single company controlling this whole thing...So, if Google went out of business, or they have some sort of a network problem rendering them unreachable, we would still be in the same situation you were talking about.

By the way, this Google Talk isn't meant for "serious applications of the instant messaging idea", it's just the same as every other IM program. Jabber may very well be good for those serious applications, but still, in this case, it just isn't such a big deal. Google Talk is just the same as MSN or ICQ (with less features), it's just using a different protocol.

About the users: I don't think many average IM users does really care about the opennes of a certain protocol. I know I don't care, as long as it works and doesn't cost me anything. If it costs me something, I stop using it. The same goes for anyone I personally know.

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RE[5]: Windoze only
by Roguelazer on Wed 24th Aug 2005 14:41 in reply to "RE[4]: Windoze only"
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Except... Google is "federalizing" their service (IE: bridging to other services and other Jabber servers), whereas ICQ/MSN/AIM do no such thing. And I still maintain that SSL support can make Jabber much more "serious" than MSN/ICQ/AIM.

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RE[6]: Windoze only
by on Wed 24th Aug 2005 14:53 in reply to "RE[5]: Windoze only"
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Uhh, where do you see anything like that reported? Google Talk use their own server and it's atleast not yet bridged anywhere else. Throw me a link if you see something else reported anywhere.

SSL may be good, but I have no need for it. I still don't think anyone is interested in my conversations, so I prefer features over Google Talk's SSL support.

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