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Zeta Magnussoft has explained their side of the story concering the recent split between them and Bernd Korz and the Zeta development team. "The archived sales figures of Zeta were far below Magnussoft's expectations. Continuation of financing the project is economically no longer viable. For the time being, Magnussoft discontinued funding of the Zeta development team on March, 16th 2007. The exclusive distribution agreement will remain unaffected. The existing contract is valid until the end of 2007."
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Invincible Cow
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> Yes, what about the statement from YellowTab says they have the original commentted source code?

Just read the third paragraph.

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And now we can all remember that moving to GCC4 would stop any and all GCC2.95 code that uses C++ from linking running. Once all the libs are in GCC4, no legacy BeOS code will run anymore.

I can't believe they are dropping libs though. This is going back to the monolithical days of the Developer's releases. I wonder if Bernd realises *why* the libs were split apart? Because keeping the ABI compatible was far, far simpler. Does GCC4 fix the issues with ABI backwards compatibility or are they really being as dumb as that article implies?

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They have wrapper libs so that legacy BeOS code will still run. Since the new lib is called libzeta they don't run into problem with names of the new gcc 4.x libs and the old ones (which will have the same names as before). They'd have to rename the new ones anyways (or break ABI compatibility).

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