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GNU, GPL, Open Source The FSF has released the third draft of the revised third version of the GNU General Public License. Some of the changes in the new draft, such as the increased clarification and legal language, or the housekeeping changes that reflect new aspects of the license are likely to be accepted. However, the license also includes a new approach to the controversial issue of lock-down technologies as well as more explicit language about patents, including language designed to prevent a re-occurrence of agreements such as the one that Novell entered into with Microsoft - all of which is apt to kindle heated debate as the revision process enters its final stages after fifteen months of intensive work.
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by danq on Thu 29th Mar 2007 13:17 UTC
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Total selling out by the "anti-IP" FSF.

Everything I've made is coming down as soon as this goes into effect.


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RE: Disappointed
by trenchsol on Thu 29th Mar 2007 15:06 in reply to "Disappointed"
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Open source developers must do something to make living. Even FSF has corporate donors and needs money to go on. If so much hated corporations are prevented from having enough profit from Linux, they are not going to invest a single coin in it.

That would take Linux back into 80's when it started.

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