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Apple About one year ago, I sold my iBook G4 in order to buy the then upcoming MacBook. Due to an unexpected change of plans (I moved to a new house), that MacBook never reached my desk; I still really missed having a Mac around. Now, almost a year later, I am again back on Mac. So, what did I buy? A sleek black MacBook? An all-powerful Intel PowerMac quad-core? No. David, OSNews' owner, sent me his G4 Cube.
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I once had the misfortune of owning a Mac Cube (pre OSX) and it was easily the 2nd most temperamental system Iíve ever used (2nd only to a Windows ME desktop I was forced to use in a former job).

The system constantly crashed (usually due to over heating - even with the vents clear, convection is simply not an adequate form of cooling on modern systems!). Plus the more the system crashed, the more the system became corrupt - leading to more crashes and, eventually, a reformat and reinstall. In fact I'd have to reinstall OS9 on an almost monthly basis.

I'd much rather have an 'ugly' case that contained a stable, cool, environment for a high spec system to work any day when offered a choice between that and a posey, pretty box that crashes as often as it boots.

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...The system constantly crashed...became corrupt...I'd have to reinstall OS9 on an almost monthly basis...

That's interesting. I own a Cube and ran Gentoo Linux on it as a server 24/7 for 2 1/2 years and never had a problem with it.

The hard drive was sloooow and loud though.

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I replaced the hard drive and ran yellow dog and it worked fine for me.... as long as you didn't put anything near the thermal vent.

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