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Linux The founder of the Open Graphics Project writes: "Good design and usability are very important. I haven't paid enough attention to the discussions between Linus and GNOME developers, so I can't address it directly. But what I can say is that a learning curve is not a bad thing. While it's good to think about the total novice, it's even more important to have consistent and logical mechanisms. This way, if someone has to learn something new to use the computer, they have to learn it only once. This is why I think it's good that Apple and Microsoft have UI development guides that encourage developers to make their apps act consistently with other apps in areas where their functionalities conceptually overlap. And this is where I start to get disappointed with GNU/X11/Linux systems."
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RE: Application files
by reduz on Fri 30th Mar 2007 21:17 UTC in reply to "Application files"
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> And as for this "application files should be in one place" thing, I have one question: Why?
> In Linux, the package manager will look after them for you.

I think package managers exist mainly because of this limitation, not as a feature. As an application developer, do you know how difficult it is to get your application packaged for every distro and OS? People and newcomers are encouraged so much to use packages, and then us, developers, have no control about which distro will provide packages,and need to rely on the help of others. It is also impossible to release beta software for testing, because a) If it isnt finished yet, it wont be packaged , b) If it's a beta/unstable version, the package will override the stable version (it's difficult as shit to install both an unstable but with more features and a stable but older version of the software at the same time).

So come on, packages are not really better than the windows/osx/beos approach.

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RE[2]: Application files
by nutshell42 on Sat 31st Mar 2007 13:56 in reply to "RE: Application files"
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It might not be the be all end all solution to linux package management woes, but it's perfect for releasing beta versions and brand new stuff.

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