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Features, Office "The Community announce the release of 2.2, the latest version of the leading open-source office suite. With upgrades to its word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, and database software, the free software package provides a real alternative to Microsoft's recently-released Office 2007 product - and an easier upgrade path for existing Microsoft Office users. 2.2 also protects users from newly discovered vulnerabilities, where users' PCs could be open to attack if they opened documents from, or accessed web sites set up by, malicious individuals."
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Good but I already have Abi&Gnum
by ganloo on Sat 31st Mar 2007 07:47 UTC
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Abiword and Gnumeric fill my needs quite well and run much much faster.

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To be honest, I hope you're not the kind of type then who says "linux ready for the desktop". As long as devs and users with SMALL Office app needs start making generalisations about their needs and try to reapply it for others needs, not anything is gonna be ready at any time soon.

Sorry dude, OOo is not enough for daily Office work for any office poweruser. Powerusers are the ones defining what use in the business landscape, not those with the least needs.

It's a shame and I'm sorry to say, that OOo has a LONG way to go to reach adoption. Sure, it may be fine for some small business only using desktop for sending quotations for plumbery, but any real business will simply laugh outright at it's performance, looks and features.

I've used OOo on the side of MSO for 3 years now, and I'm not trying to be a bastard, I'm just hoping someone picks up the usability issues and iron 'em out. unfortunately, people keep putting their heads in the sand.

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Ok I'll be quick.

Linux is ready for the desktop; Openoffice is ready for the office users. That it.

The reality is this post lacks *any* content. I hate the term poweruser(sic), becuase such things do not exist. I have spent *more* time showing people even basic features of *word* than I have real computer work, and I suspect an awful lot of people here have.

There is only one trouble with OpenOffice and the other office packages that can be had for less than the extraordinary high price of Microsoft Office, and that is Microsoft is *the* standard. All of them are *good enough*. The trouble is they are not Microsoft Office.

Please include some content in your posts. Rather than sweeping statements without reference.

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Linux IS ready for the desktop. Haiku isn't yet, though we all hope it'll happen soon.

If Linux (KDE/Gnome) isn't ready for the desktop neither is Windows or Mac OS X.

A newbie has fewer problems with using Linux than GUI power users from Windows. And that's because the latter group is unwilling to learn a different approach. Try plugging in a USB key in Linux. Works like a charm and way ahead of WinXP/2K3.

Package management is years ahead of Windows as well, since Windows has no management apart from a primitive installer framework which does next to nothing.

OO.o is a good office application and no worse than MS Office. Apart from the kerning (which only is a problem in certain resolutions - on all platforms btw.) OO.o is pretty much on par. For anything but simpler documents MS Word is useless. The same is true for all other office applications from MS. An Office power user DO NOT use MS Office.

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Oh Christ, not *another* person who thinks because he knows 100 keyboard short cuts off the top of his head, and moves his mouse around at 2,000 metres per second, whilst having all 9000 buttons on his mouse programmed to do everything from close a window to scratch ones balls.

If there was *ever* something I would *love* to be stamped out, its employee's who think that *everything* in their office suite they need to get their work done - clue to the employee, you're here to work, not create an art assignment for your school newspaper, and there are no brownie points given to those who can make the coolest border and font type for the title.

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