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BeOS & Derivatives "With Haiku getting closer and closer to an R1 release I think it is time for little review on the achievements of the development team in the last months. Haiku is being covered on various websites and blogs lately especially after attending SCaLE and the already famous tech talk at Google. But although it might seem that Haiku is only weeks away from the so important first release there is still a lot of work that has to be done, networking being the biggest." More here.
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Is... it... possible?
by Luposian on Mon 2nd Apr 2007 07:58 UTC
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I did my usual "test copying" routine and saw the same results. Then haphazardly opened up "About Haiku" and noticed that it shows how much RAM is eaten up!

I still had a few megs left, so remembering the "single in, doubled inside" RAM rule, I was able to bring it right to 512MB taken up. I was rather proud of my accomplishment!

Well, as amazing as it seem (to me, at least), as I stood there looking at the RAM taken up, my RAM started coming back! Within moments, it was right back to it's original amount!

My RAM had been recovered! All by itself!!!

I quickly went to where the files I copied were supposed to be and they were still there!

Had Haiku somehow, automatically written the files to the hard drive and then reclaimed the RAM?!? It must have, but...

I tried copying the same folder to two different; locations and, as expected, Haiku KDL'd immediately!

So, what gives? I looks like the problem is... well... kinda sorta fixed, but I have no idea how it's being done or under what conditions this "auto-sync and RAM reclaimation" is being done. What exactly did I just witness?

If anyone knows, please tell me. I haven't been this happy in... AGES!

Go, Haiku, Go! Keep up the good work! AUSA!

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RE: Is... it... possible?
by Bully on Mon 2nd Apr 2007 11:57 in reply to "Is... it... possible?"
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You sound like someone who just had a ufo land in his back yard and met an allien. lol

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RE[2]: Is... it... possible?
by umccullough on Mon 2nd Apr 2007 18:03 in reply to "RE: Is... it... possible?"
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Actually, he sounds like someone who has worked up such a mental/psychological block about this particular bug that he can't possibly believe that it *might* eventually get fixed if the developers keep working on the kernel.

It's almost uncanny how in-development software seems to improve with every check-in, isn't it?

Yes, I'm being an ass...

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