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Novell and Ximian "The Free Software Foundation has published a third draft of the GPL3 license. The FSF had indicated leading up to this draft that it would be addressing some concerns it had with the Novell-Microsoft agreements in the draft. Here's Novell's position on the new draft."
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RE: Patents
by ubit on Tue 3rd Apr 2007 18:02 UTC in reply to "Patents"
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By making the GPL free of patent trolls (once they distribute and derive from the GPL, like SCO except they claim copyright "methods and processes", not patents) it becomes more attractive to companies.

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RE[2]: Patents
by Elektro on Wed 4th Apr 2007 12:53 in reply to "RE: Patents"
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No, that is not the case. It is an autodafe in the lights of patent problems.

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