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Hardware, Embedded Systems were once more very kind to send us one of their products for a review. Geeks sells cheap laptops --among others-- and so we asked for a low-cost laptop without an operating system in it for the purpose of this review. They sent us the IBM T23, (currently selling for just $299) and an extra 256 MB stick of RAM ($30). We tested the laptop with three different OSes, read on for more.
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I am not a fan of Ubuntu but -damn it - you tested a BETA RELEASE (!) on the laptop!! No wonder you ran into grave bugs. Doh! If you want to write a fair article, then test the same lappy with the Windows XP Beta release and other OS's that are still developmental versions.

Two thumbs down from me.

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The final version of Ubuntu comes out in 10 days, they are in freeze mode. If you expect miracles and fixing of all these 6 major bugs in 10 days (especially because there is no living soul who maintains the savage driver), then you are living in your own world. When Ubuntu ships, these bugs I mentioned will STILL be there. Except myself and another guy who also owns a T23 laptop and was able to reproduce the bugs, no one else have responded in my T23-related bug reports at Ubuntu.

I beg you to email me after the release of Ubuntu Feisty and to ask me if the bugs were fixed (or simply check at the bugzilla's url yourself and check my T23 bugs out to see if they will be fixed or not).

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The final version of Ubuntu comes out in 10 days, they are in freeze mode.

The release is planned for 15 days from now.

I completely understand your decision to stick to one distribution, but you have to admit picking a beta (and recognizing some of the bugs you found are specific to it) is not the best way to make an evaluation. I beg you to try a stable release, maybe even 6.06 LTS instead of 6.10.

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