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Hardware, Embedded Systems were once more very kind to send us one of their products for a review. Geeks sells cheap laptops --among others-- and so we asked for a low-cost laptop without an operating system in it for the purpose of this review. They sent us the IBM T23, (currently selling for just $299) and an extra 256 MB stick of RAM ($30). We tested the laptop with three different OSes, read on for more.
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The price - sheesh!
by Bobthearch on Thu 5th Apr 2007 00:55 UTC
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Three hundred dollars for a used laptop computer that doesn't even has an OS installed? Futhermore that model appears to be sold out; the cheapest laptop at the site now is $399. They must live in a different world...

I'd give fifty bucks for a used laptop...

The only laptop graphics that I've been satisfied with are the ATI Mobility Radeon models, like the Dell Inspiron 9100. That model is several years old and there may be better stuff now, but I doubt anything onboard could do as well.

Regarding the lack of touchpad, good riddence. I have to disable those anyway - I find it impossible to type without hitting the darn thing. Agree though that the touch stick is awkward and annoying - really a poor substitute for a mouse.

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RE: The price - sheesh!
by StephenBeDoper on Thu 5th Apr 2007 16:42 in reply to "The price - sheesh!"
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I'd give fifty bucks for a used laptop...

I hope you like P2 processors ;)

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