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Hardware, Embedded Systems were once more very kind to send us one of their products for a review. Geeks sells cheap laptops --among others-- and so we asked for a low-cost laptop without an operating system in it for the purpose of this review. They sent us the IBM T23, (currently selling for just $299) and an extra 256 MB stick of RAM ($30). We tested the laptop with three different OSes, read on for more.
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by timefortea on Thu 5th Apr 2007 13:47 UTC
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An interesting article and I can't help agree with your findings. For some time I've been trying to get a Linux distro working on my IBM T21. Since it is *older* hardware, I thought I could get a low-resource-but-still-nice-to-use distro working on it. I have favoured Xfce but to be honest I would use anything if I could get suspend to RAM to work, which I haven't been able to. What is the point of having a laptop if you have to use it like a desktop?? I've tried (X)Ubuntu (Dapper, Eft), Slackware, SUSE, RedHat and others. I am currently using ZenWalk which is nice and nippy and very much recommended for this machine - except of course I don't have suspend working.

At the end of the day this worked ok when the machine was running Windows XP and 2k. I'd love it to work with Linux but I suspect that is never going to happen and I am going to have to change the laptop.

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RE: Interesting
by fretinator on Thu 5th Apr 2007 14:30 in reply to "Interesting"
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I guess we are all going to have to wait for those new, spiffy Dell Linux laptops to come out.

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RE: Interesting
by ricks1950 on Fri 6th Apr 2007 00:49 in reply to "Interesting"
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I have to say that suspend/resume is not a real deal breaker for me. It doesn't take that long to boot!! I have an older Compaq Duron laptop with a Savage video chip. It has Ubuntu Edgy on it, and I would not put Windows back on it for anything.

Far more important to me that the machine run stable, reliable, virus free and secure.

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