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Google Google has launched an instant-messaging (IM) program that allows text chat and computer-to-computer voice connections, a move that highlights the search giant's increasing competition with Yahoo, Microsoft and America Online. You can download Google Talk here. Google also makes it very clear that you do not need Google Talk to use their service, and they provide detailed instructions on using other IM clients to connect to Google Talk. Update: Micheal Robertson announces partnership with Google to promote the use of open standards in VoIP/IM.
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Why are these legitimate posts being modded down to nothing? Taking the lazy way out by modding down rather than replying to? ^^

"Google, please release more of these offering with a LINUX VERSION! Yes, I know I can use GAIM with this new Google Talk but I want a client from YOU, Google, which allows me to use the VOIP feature..

Otherwise I'll just load up Skype, which makes me feel bad because I like open source and free.

C'mon, Google, release a Linux client with all of the features of the Windows client.

After all, that's what Jesus would do. ;) "

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