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Windows Comparisons, conjecture, and controversy. Microsoft's new operating system is here, but is it ready for primetime? We spent 30 days with Windows Vista to see if it's worth the leap or if Microsoft should go back to the drawing board.
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NT 3.51 supported architectures are x86, Alpha, MIPS, PPC, SPARC, Clipper.

NT4: x86, Alpha, MIPS, PPC.

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err.. not to troll, but I am old enough to have grown up with the early DOS generation. And I tell you this: at the time is was the "fashion" NOONE ever serious used/advoced NT - they looked at you with a mild smile of pity and said that NT really only starts with 4.0 - there was x64 and PPC of that - and since Windows-PPC was factually inexistant by numbers, NT is in fact x86 for all it's worth. The argument is about as mute as it is relating to whether BeOS is dead - it is, but you will always find someone who claims it is not because they happen to be the last survivng user. "NT = x86" But yeah, the point is taken.

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Um NT3.51 was pretty usable compared to the junk that was the other windows (3.1 etc), I was using it for CAD work, chip design etc, 16MB of ram, 1G HD, pretty rock solid and I certainly advocated for it rather than have a real Unix box. The web still barely existed then so it was also a really small OS that just worked. Things changed mightily when MS converged on NT for all users though and it just grew & grew into the much loved or hated monster it is today. Still got my 3.1 NT CDs too with the 4 platforms on it.

Also isn't NT PPC inside the XBox or is that another OS?

err not to troll, but the last surviving BeOS users are still here too using our relatively always small OS.

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