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Zeta A lot of things have happened in the past few days concerning Zeta, BeOS, and Haiku. In order to create some order in the chaos, Eugenia and I have created a rough timeline of what happened the past 6-7 years. Read on for the timeline and some more thoughts on the matter. Update: Magnusoft ceases distribution of Zeta. Update II: Access answered the questions posed in the article.
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Ah, I had thought it was primarily a situation of Palm being able to get a group of talented people on the cheap - but that makes even more sense with the Sakoman connection.

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cheap devs yeah.. cheap and throwable it seems, as they all went out quite soon (1y ?) later when Cobalt got finished IIRC.

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They weren't cheap, even by valley standards, and the vast exodus of former Be employees from PalmSource/Access to (mostly) Google/Android happened not at the completion of Cobalt, but rather after Access' acquisition of PalmSource led to a redirection of PalmSource's development effort away from PalmSources PalmOS on top of Linux program toward Access' ALP, which de-emphasized PalmOS, Cobalt, and BeOS like features.

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meh! One can't help but think that there was at least some orchestration involved. JLG must have known for some time that the company was going to hit the ropes (no matter what).

A good boss will at least _try_ to place his workforce somewhere if the axe should fall/sh*t hit the fan.

I remember chatting one-to-one/file sharing on BeShare as far back as 2000 with core members of the Be dev crew. They were real nice people, totally into what they were doing.


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