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Windows Comparisons, conjecture, and controversy. Microsoft's new operating system is here, but is it ready for primetime? We spent 30 days with Windows Vista to see if it's worth the leap or if Microsoft should go back to the drawing board.
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RE[2]: Stability etc.
by Bully on Fri 6th Apr 2007 07:06 UTC in reply to "Stability etc."
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I *have* had problems installing some apps and, as everybody knows, the early drivers were/still are woefully inadequate. However, as many, including myself, have regularly pointed out, this is not the fault of the OS but the hardware vendors

They make a new OS that doesnt work with a lot of drivers and then blame others that it doesnt work.
It work just fine in Xp, Microsoft made the changes that caused it not to work in Vista. So don't blame hardware vendors.
They are forced to rewrite drivers and on top of it they get the blame too.
That's simply not fair.

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RE[3]: Stability etc.
by The-ox on Fri 6th Apr 2007 08:41 in reply to "RE[2]: Stability etc."
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The point that I was making is that it is not simply the fault of the OS. If I remember correctly, many, many bits of hardware didn't work under XP when that was released (e.g. drivers for my old scanner were never available and my old Creative DXR3 card didn't work for a long time either). These things worked fine in 98. Whilst this is a total pain in the butt, unfortunately, changes are 'normally' indicative of some kind of progress.

The fact is that XP is now a mature system, therefore the vendors have had plenty of time to get decent drivers out for it. People are used to that now (quite rightly too).

The other fact is that Vista has been kicking around in Beta etc. for a long time now. To not have drivers for modern hardware is the vendor's fault in the main (Creative and nVidia - I'm talking about you!).

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