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FreeBSD Pawel Dawidek announced today that the ZFS filesystem is now part of the FreeBSD operating system. iSCSI, booting, ICLs, and extended attributes are not supported yet.
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Good News not only for FreeBSD
by dswain on Fri 6th Apr 2007 14:22 UTC
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But also the distros that are derived from it such as Dragonfly BSD and DesktopBSD. Though I guess it won't be a major effect initially obviously, these teams (once a final release is out) might be able to produce an easy system for even the end user to take advantage of.

Though I wonder what they would come up with to do with such a powerful file system. I'd imagine some type of backup system for starters. It could be very interesting to see where this could go with it. In the meantime, I'm hopeful for FreeBSD 7.

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antik Member since:

But also the distros that are derived from it such as Dragonfly BSD and DesktopBSD.

IIRC then DragonflyBSD is fork from FreeBSD and DesktopBSD *is* FreeBSD just like PC-BSD.

Journaling filesystems like Gjournal and ZFS is godsent for desktop users because usually desktop computers have no UPS and in case of power failure they are first victims with messed filesystems and lost files.

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dswain Member since:

Oh okay good call. I was trying to find the other name (PC-BSD) but I couldn't recall it so I thought it was Dragonfly BSD.

Either way, I agree. I also see this being really great for a fast recovery system along with a backup system. Also with the ability to write those add ons so easily with the API they provide, we could see some really neat other tools blossom it seems like.

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there's no plan to port ZFS to DragonflyBSD in the future. the kernels are too much different by now and Matt's going on with his own implementation of a 'cluster filesystem'...

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