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GTK+ Kimmo Kinnunen wrote yesterday on the GTK+-WebCore developer mailing list that he has imported the Safari 2.0 WebCore branch into GTK+-WebCore. "This means that from the webcore/javascriptcore part, the code is mostly the same as in current Safari. So if there are any crashes, they're not from webcore/javascriptcore part of the codebase with very high probability, rather my code."
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by jango on Sat 7th Apr 2007 06:07 UTC
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i hope that gecko is phased out of ephiphany- webcore is much better,

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RE: webcore
by diegocg on Sat 7th Apr 2007 14:11 in reply to "webcore"
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The problem is not ephiphany. Whatever people says, gecko is a great rendering engine, and in firefox 3 it's only becoming more powerful and more efficient. Firefox 3 eats 10 MB less than Firefox 2 when opening a google docs document, for example, and javascript is way faster (and it'll get even faster when they start using the JIT-oriented JS machine donated by Adobe). It doesn't matters how bad is gecko, if they continue improving it at this rate,

The problem is not gecko. The problem is that crap called "gtkhtml". GTK has his *own* implementation of a rendering engine, and that's what webkit aims to replace. gtkhtml is not gecko, it's not webcore, it doesn't support JS or CSS AFAIK. It's what evolution, gaim, sylpheed, etc; uses. It's so crappy that ephiphany has to use gecko, because gtkhtml isn't useful for rendering anything beyond simple html tags.

By using webkit, gnome will be able to use a REAL browser engine in all its apps. That's what matters.

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RE[2]: webcore
by dylansmrjones on Sat 7th Apr 2007 15:10 in reply to "RE: webcore"
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You are right.

Epiphany is not the problem. It is just a browser shell.

Firefox 3 is not available yet, and as such is irrelevant.

GtkHTML isn't the problem for Epiphany. As you mention Epiphany doesn't use GtkHTML but Gecko. And that's the problem with Epiphany. Gecko. Gecko.

GtkHTML is not crap. You just don't know what GtkHTML is meant for.

As a browser engine GtkHTML fails miserably, but that's because GtkHTML is not a browser engine. It is a simple HTML rendering/editing library designed for applications that require very simple and lightweight HTML functionality. It is not meant for an ultimate HTML browser.

Use the right tool for the right job. GtkHTML for simple HYML-documents, and WebCore/Gecko/KHTML for complex websites.

WebKit doesn't aim to replace GtkHTML. WebKit (GTK+-WebCore) aims to replace Gecko.

Gecko (even in Firefox 3) is big, bloated, slow and an embarrassment for FLOSS.

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