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GTK+ Kimmo Kinnunen wrote yesterday on the GTK+-WebCore developer mailing list that he has imported the Safari 2.0 WebCore branch into GTK+-WebCore. "This means that from the webcore/javascriptcore part, the code is mostly the same as in current Safari. So if there are any crashes, they're not from webcore/javascriptcore part of the codebase with very high probability, rather my code."
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by Sophotect on Sat 7th Apr 2007 12:47 UTC in reply to "RE"
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What exactly do you see as "extremely memoryhungry" in Opera!? And what is slow? For me it is the other way around. Firefox is slower and uses more memory, even without useful extensions installed. Ok, not that much, only 10 MB. Subjective speed seems to me at least double in Opera in startup and rendering of most sites compared against a bare Firefox. Stability? No real concern. It doesn't crash that often. Maybe this is a question of general System setup?

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by dylansmrjones on Sat 7th Apr 2007 14:03 in reply to "RE"
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Opera is slow in regard to loading the browser itself. It is clearly faster than Firefox. Again Firefox is almost as slow as OpenOffice (e.g. 2.2 seconds vs. 3.0 seconds for OpenOffice 2.1.0).

osb-browser loads in 0.3 seconds ;) (but does not have support for Java and Flash).

Opera uses slightly less memory than Firefox but it still uses 3-4 times more memory than it should for the tasks it is performing. Firefox is worse yes. But Firefox has a lot of good extensions which Opera doesn't. I am willing to sacrifice those extensions if I got a fast and light browser instead. Opera is not such a beast. It's a dinosaur like Firefox. Slightly smaller, slightly faster, but still a dinosaur.

Opera generally doesn't crash - except for Flash-ridden sites. Firefox is even worse then (a bug that has been around since 1.0.x - and is present even in Firefox (showed up after upgrading to Flash-9)).
It is most likely a problem with Flash rather than the browsers, but a buggy plug-in shouldn't crash the browser.

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