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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Back in my university days, when Netscape was the latest web browser on the scene and the Pentium MMX was the power user's processor of choice, UNIX was part of my everyday life. Since graduating, my chosen desktop operating system has been Windows of some variety. This is partly because it was the most readily available consumer desktop operating system and also because it served me well for the most part." More here. In other Ubuntu news, Automatix2 for Feisty is released.
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RE[3]: Who needs it?
by panickedthumb on Tue 10th Apr 2007 15:16 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Who needs it?"
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"I doubt such persons exist"????

You're saying there is nobody on the planet who knows more than you do about Windows?

Wow. We are honored to have your presence here.

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RE[4]: Who needs it?
by raver31 on Tue 10th Apr 2007 17:51 in reply to "RE[3]: Who needs it?"
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He did not say that, he said he has not met anytone who knows as much about Windows as he does about Linux.

But I agree, I am also honoured that he graces us with his presence.

We're not worthy, we're not worthy.

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RE[5]: Who needs it?
by Redeeman on Tue 10th Apr 2007 23:56 in reply to "RE[3]: Who needs it?"
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why do you need to twist what i say? i never said nor implied i knew anything much about windows, and i never said i was superior or anything, or even unique with the knowledge i have about gnu/linux and unix. i simply said that i know a great deal about gnu/linux, and that i know more about it than my windows techie counterparts knows about windows, which i believe is quite true.

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