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SuSE, openSUSE As reported by Slashdot, debate has risen over ClearType in Linux. OpenSUSE recently disabled this technology, saying "that this feature is covered by several Microsoft patents and should not be activated in any default build of the library". Other websites have picked up on this as well: "The strange thing is though: no matter the fact that Novell and Microsoft are now buddies, openSUSE still has to be concerned about the ClearType patents!"
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by CrLf on Tue 10th Apr 2007 21:14 UTC
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"but I think MS's implementation of sub-pixel antialising is far and above the best one."

I beg to disagree... I may simulate higher resolution for text, that's true. But it also has some nasty color effects (colored halos on otherwise black text) and makes everything seem out of focus. I've really tried to use it, and I've spent countless hours tweaking its settings, but I always ended up disabling it.

On the other hand, anti-aliasing on Linux and MacOS X is ok, both the standard and sub-pixel varieties.

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