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Graphics, User Interfaces "Red Hat has recently shared with the world the first ISO images of the system that is supposed to be installed on the OLPC laptops. I suddenly felt an irresistible temptation. I downloaded 291 MB ISO, burned it on a CD and started testing. Here is what I got."
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Don't make too many assumptions
by mzilikazi on Wed 11th Apr 2007 06:19 UTC
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My son (8 years old) is perfectly at home on Windows, OSX and his personal pc runs Debian Linux and yes he even uses the shell ("the menu takes too long dad"). Most of you are basing your opinions of the Sugar UI on what YOU expect it to be like. Kids 'just get it' when it comes to new stuff like this. Coincidentally, some of the best people to teach about Linux (or other alternative OS's) are those that do not have a pre-conceived notion of what a desktop should behave like. Ask a long-time Windows user how to stop a Windows machine. It's pretty comical when they realize that the answer is "click Start"

Certainly we do not wish to keep pushing the same old boring desktop standards at the next generation when the reality is that Sugar is only the beginning of a radical change that's long overdue in the desktop UI department. Bring it on!

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"Most of you are basing your opinions of the Sugar UI on what YOU expect it to be like."

So what you all are saying is, whether 3rd world kids like the UI or not, at least we'll finally have a Linux UI that's useable by the corporate types. ;)

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