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Graphics, User Interfaces "Red Hat has recently shared with the world the first ISO images of the system that is supposed to be installed on the OLPC laptops. I suddenly felt an irresistible temptation. I downloaded 291 MB ISO, burned it on a CD and started testing. Here is what I got."
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Just finished using the RH OLPC LiveCD
by timbobsteve on Thu 12th Apr 2007 00:14 UTC
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.... and it was great fun. A trully easy interface to use. Nice, clean and simple. It could definately use some color and sounds, but other than those 2 small things the interface is great. I can't believe some people in this thread, saying that they are trying to "re-invent the wheel" with the SugarUI. Thats just nonsensical. The SugarUI was built from scratch with education in mind. It is designed to get out of the users way. There really is nothing to the UI at all... it is just a basic application launcher. There is no window management (well sort of... the small wheel in the centre of the screen is kind of a task manager/window chooser). The interface just moves completely out of the way and gives the user full interaction with the application/activity that they are using at that exact moment. Its perfect.

In my opinion, with a few modifications I would use SugarUI as a desktop replacement on my Linux Box, only because other window managers are becoming too concerned with features and less about ease-of-use.

SugarUI is simple, easy to use, easy to learn quickly and never gets in the way of what you are doing. I sugest everyone gran the LiveCD and a copy of VMWare Player (free) and try it out instead of reading critical reviews/previews and thinking you know all.

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