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Windows Computer makers have been told they'll no longer be able to get Windows XP OEM by the end of this year, despite strong ongoing demand for the OS. Analysts and computer makers are wondering if the move is premature given Vista's ongoing performance and compatibility issues. Dell recently said it would reintroduce XP on a range of machines due to customer demand but Microsoft will only allow this until the end of the year.
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RE: I'd do the same
by llamakiller4 on Thu 12th Apr 2007 01:43 UTC in reply to "I'd do the same"
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Think how and fantastic and secure XP might have been if Microsoft had spent all that VISTA money and development time perfecting Windows XP.
I bought a new pc a couple months ago to last me for a year or two and then it's Apple I suppose.
No Vista for me.

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RE[2]: I'd do the same
by flanque on Thu 12th Apr 2007 02:14 in reply to "RE: I'd do the same"
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Sure, but then you'd expect it as a free service pack upgrade whilst Microsoft invested millions into developing it.

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RE[3]: I'd do the same
by archiesteel on Thu 12th Apr 2007 02:39 in reply to "RE[2]: I'd do the same"
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Yes, because it would kill them to give back to those people who made them into a multi-billion dollar company.

Face it, Vista is there to serve one main purpose, i.e. guarantee the revenue stream so that MS's shareholders can continue to increase their net worth.

When you're defending Microsoft's actions this way, what you're really saying is that Microsoft's billionnaires and millionnaires really need even more money from those who use their software. Perhaps it's time for MS to go on a diet instead, and accept that its monopolist position is intenable, and that its revenue stream will not always be guaranteed.

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RE[3]: I'd do the same
by bornagainenguin on Fri 13th Apr 2007 18:43 in reply to "RE[2]: I'd do the same"
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Whoa! Wait a tick here!!

I thought the free Microsoft Service Pack was a feature over MacOS X's yearly (or nearly so) OS releases? Or have all the Astroturfers who crawl out of the woodwork to tout Microsoft's Service Packs as a major advantage over paying for a new revision of OS X (with all the assorted new features, speedups and improvements) been lying to us? If the service pack becomes superfluous how exactly do you (and Microsoft for that matter) justify the cost of Windows, especially given the steaming pile that is Vista?


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