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General Development "What makes programming languages are suitable or unsuitable as introductory languages? Which languages are better learnt first and at which order? And why what the masses think is the most suitable introductory programming language is not in fact that. This paper examines several approaches to which programming language is the best, and afterwards gives several useful relations for which languages should come first. Finally it gives a final verdict, defends it and then gives some other good food for thought."
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Our dirty little secret ...
by dvhh on Thu 12th Apr 2007 14:32 UTC
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Most experienced dev have started with the most hated programming languages on earth ( basic, cobol, assembly ... ).
That was decades ago when options weren't available.
today we've got a wealth of languages that almost have the same syntax and ancient concept (like pointers) are deprecated.
Like "everybody" i started with basic but quickly hated this stupid language.

So I learn with 2 key languages :
- Pascal for strong typing procedural/fonctionnal programming. Use english word as keyord that mean what they do
- SmallTalk for strong OOP principle that are almost similar to a spoken language.

These 2 languages are at 90% pointless in my everyday job in c#, php, SQL and java.
But as I used dozens of languages in my life, I find that these 3 are horrible for learning as they are
1. use braces for syntax bloc that aren't easily distinguished from parenthesis.
2. Give too many path for writting a working code
3. introduce too many programming paradigm at once.
4. learning with script is bad for your mental health.

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