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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku enthusiast umccullough has posted two very interesting screenshots of Haiku. In the first screenshot, you see Haiku serving a web page using RobinHood, where the second one shows an XP box browsing said web page. The Haiku groupies axe murderers users and developers in #haiku explained, however, that people should not get the wrong picture; Haiku is not ready, in any way, for public consumption, nor is it capable of serving a web page for a prolonged period of time. Just so you know. Update: And another screenshot showing BeShare running on Haiku.
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RE: Benews
by ssa2204 on Tue 17th Apr 2007 17:14 UTC in reply to "Benews"
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I was wondering the same thing...fine if there is real news to show, but I just see this as very minor. Ok for a slow day, but come one, this is ridiculous. Considering how much news is out there, this site is really going down hell. OSNews team, please take a basic journalism class so you can learn the basics. I find it quite idiotic that there is every little bit of meaningless articles linked here when it involves Haiku, Ubuntu or whatever, yet there seems to be a complete void in any news for Windows Server 2007. Fact is, this new OS will be dealt with by many people. I would prefer to see news on something I will actually have to work on at some point that news about a geek OS that many will never see.

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