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BeOS & Derivatives Even more Haiku news today. Oliver Ruiz Dorantes, who will be monitoring GSoC student Salvatore Benedetto coming summer, has started work on what will become an office suite for Haiku. His blog already shows the first screenshots of the project. He is seeking for help on the project, so if you have the experience, feel free t help him out. Also, a new batch of icons has been added to Haiku.
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I'll also add that; Abiword & Sum-It, for Haiku, could be completed in about 6 months time. They definately could be ready in that timeframe.

OpenOffice is a bad choice, because:
1. Source code is 400MB ( lots & lots of code to work with )
2. Uses lots of Xwindows stuff that has to be rewritten.
3. And the java stuff too.

OpenOffice is almost as tough as creating an OS with the amount of code it has.

Porting it over to Mac OS was easier because, if I'm not mistaken, Mac OS X uses BSD type ( compatible ) kernel & Xwindow system ( ie: OS X is similar / close to BSD; So easier to get OO on it ).

Haiku has posix compliance, but the Xwindow ( and Java? - maybe have Java for Haiku by then? ) code would have to be rewritten. Not easy to do.

The easiest stuff to port to Haiku ( or BeOS ) is applications / programs that are posix compliant and either use console or SDL ( ie: Xwindow stuff needs lots more work to do - code has to be rewritten ).

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Theres X11 for BeOS and OSX... but no, OSX doesnt use X by default... at least not from waht I know...

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