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BeOS & Derivatives Even more Haiku news today. Oliver Ruiz Dorantes, who will be monitoring GSoC student Salvatore Benedetto coming summer, has started work on what will become an office suite for Haiku. His blog already shows the first screenshots of the project. He is seeking for help on the project, so if you have the experience, feel free t help him out. Also, a new batch of icons has been added to Haiku.
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Excellent idea, but lots of work...
by JacobMunoz on Thu 19th Apr 2007 01:26 UTC
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...and BeOS has always been lots of work. But that's what makes it so nice.

Ideally, OO.o would be great of course - but since no Be-related group is in charge of its development, porting it is simply not worthwhile. But those that aren't really familiar with BeOS don't understand the translation, media, game, input, and other server systems which provide the missing-and-much-sought-after functionality in Linux/BSD/etc. We have o need for KDE or Gnome or whatever else seems to be fashionable this year (many of us Be users actully think the whole situation is somewhat comical - JUST PICK ONE DANG IT!).

What may seem to be compatability limitations to outsiders can often be hidden secrets they don't get. BeOS/Haiku/Zeta has a responsiveness Linux and BSD can't remotely compare with, but once the corporate backing of BeOS came into question commercial software abandonded it - but the users knew better. We understood what we were working with, just as Amiga users stood by their investment. And while application performance may not be any faster (or may even run slower) - the fact that the user experience was never compromised overcame any statistical shortcoming you could come up with, because it FEELS faster where it counts.

No mysterious hard drive activity, superfast boot/shutdown, reliable filesystem, real plug-and-play, and when you click - it responds. Doesn't sound like a dead OS to me...

BeOS has 10% more love than the leading open OS. ;)

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BeOS/Haiku/Zeta has a responsiveness Linux and BSD can't remotely compare with

I don't know what your benchmarks are for such a statement, but I have excellent -- if not superior -- "responsiveness" using Linux on the same hardware which I ran BeOS. That's apples:oranges now because the difference comes down to continued development and improvements in Linux and stagnation with BeOS development.

And it also begs the question of which distro and configuration are you comparing BeOS/et al? Linux distros aren't monolithic with respect to how they load and operate -- each is unique, and there's a lot of diversity in how users set up systems. "Stripped" distros like DSL and Vector run a lot faster and more efficiently than something bloated up with eyecandy and bulkier apps and libs. Are you comparing KDE/Gnome to BeOS? Or are you comparing something that's actually on par with BeOS/Haiku?

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