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Mozilla & Gecko clones Thunderbird 2 is now available for download on Windows, Mac and Linux in over 35 languages. It offers easy ways to manage and organize your email with message tags, advanced folder views, message history navigation, find as you type, and improved new mail alert notifications. Thunderbird 2 also includes a refreshed user interface and support for Microsoft Vista.
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TB is still not usable as ...
by autumnlover on Thu 19th Apr 2007 02:27 UTC
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... newsreader - there are only three predefined headerlines to use with filtering mechanism - as they were in 1.5.x and no way to add custom ones.

And no, I can't create a extension myself.

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I remember a few years ago when I read news in Thunderbird (it was just split out of Mozilla a few weeks before). It wouldn't store my preferences to have an extended view sorted by date. Each time I launched Thunderbird I had to manually go to the "View" menu to display the list of news by date and extended.

Things have changed, and now I read the news in Google Groups. Since then I don't pay anymore for my Usenet account.

Anyway, regarding Thunderbird 2, where are the screenshots???!

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are you sure?

i could swear that my tb 2.0 have a "new tag" option in the drop down menu that shows up when i hit the tag button in the gui. there i can define the name and color of the new tag...


oops, forgot that you where talking about it used as a news reader...

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