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Hardware, Embedded Systems Having Michael Dell back at the helm of his namesake company hasn't paid any quick dividends when it comes to market share. According to Gartner Research, Dell continued its slide both in the US and worldwide during the first quarter of 2007, while HP opened up an even-wider lead. Interesting in these results is that you can clearly see that Apple's strongest market is still the United States.
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RE: Laptops
by rm6990 on Fri 20th Apr 2007 21:46 UTC in reply to "Laptops"
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I think the Dell desktops are great, but they have to do something with their notebooks.

Could you be more specific?

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RE[2]: Laptops
by stestagg on Sun 22nd Apr 2007 01:59 in reply to "RE: Laptops"
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Laptop throwing contest? (To be held alongside the floppy and CD throwing contests)

They could strip the back lights out of the screens and use them as room lighting?

How about selling dodgy exploding batteries to terrorists on the cheap?

or selling the on board speakers to 'A Clockwork Orange' enthusiasts.

failing the above, they could turn them all on during the winter as a form of very inefficient heating.

Any further ideas, please post at: All comments appreciated ;)

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