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Windows Lots of Windows-related news today. Firstly, responding to customer demand, Dell has restarted selling new PCs with Windows XP installed on them. Secondly, Microsoft software will sell for just USD 3 in some parts of the world in an attempt to double the number of global PC users (probably not at all unrelated to this interesting figure). Lastly, Vista may only be three months old in the retail marketplace, but Microsoft is already seeking participants in the beta testing program for the next version of Windows Media Center, codenamed Fiji. Update: Microsoft denied the sales figures in China to
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RE: Not surprising....
by jayson.knight on Fri 20th Apr 2007 22:39 UTC in reply to "Not surprising...."
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"The number of people I know who've gotten PCs with Vista installed... Lack of drivers"

What PC maker is shipping a machine with Vista on it without the proper drivers? Not one that plans on staying in business much longer...

That doesn't even remotely make any sense...I call BS as well.

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RE[2]: Not surprising....
by Vozzie on Fri 20th Apr 2007 22:47 in reply to "RE: Not surprising...."
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The drivers for their pre-existing hardware, genius. Digital cameras, scanners and printers were the main culprits.

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RE[3]: Not surprising....
by kaiwai on Sat 21st Apr 2007 04:17 in reply to "RE[2]: Not surprising...."
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The drivers for their pre-existing hardware, genius. Digital cameras, scanners and printers were the main culprits.

Excuse me, but how is that possible. Digital cameras either use PTP or USB Storage for accessing digital photo's. If your camera doesn't support those two major transferring protocols, maybe you got ripped off rather than it being an issue with Windows Vista or some other boogie man.

Printers? I've had a look - Canon have drivers out, Epson, and HP - the big names for consumers all have their printers out; want to use some freaky no name brand that doesn't provide quality drivers, then be my guest, but don't blame Microsoft for your poor purchasing decisions.

Scanners - who the heck uses those these days with the rise of multi-fuctional printers/scanners/copiers? If your drivers aren't being provided, maybe the axe to grind is with the vendor of the hardware rather than it being with the operating system vendor - how is it Microsofts fault that the companies you bought the hardware off are too lazy to provide the necessary drivers to make the transition easy?

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