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Windows Lots of Windows-related news today. Firstly, responding to customer demand, Dell has restarted selling new PCs with Windows XP installed on them. Secondly, Microsoft software will sell for just USD 3 in some parts of the world in an attempt to double the number of global PC users (probably not at all unrelated to this interesting figure). Lastly, Vista may only be three months old in the retail marketplace, but Microsoft is already seeking participants in the beta testing program for the next version of Windows Media Center, codenamed Fiji. Update: Microsoft denied the sales figures in China to
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RE[5]: Clear sign
by Moochman on Sun 22nd Apr 2007 08:10 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Clear sign"
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How do you whether I own Dell products? you're rude enough to accuse me of lying? I actually own two Dell desktop systems

My apologies, I did indeed wrongly make an assumption.

Dell proved itself with the whole Sony saga; HP tested the Sony batteries, they weren't up to standard, so they sourced their batteries from another supplier. Dell, did they test the batteries? of course not! that would require money spent on QA! something that Dell would *never* do in a million years.

Oh come on, now. Apple, Toshiba, IBM/Lenovo, Fujitsu, and Sony itself all had to recall their Sony batteries, as well; Dell just happened to be the first and most visible PC maker with the battery problem.

According to your logic, though, all of the above PC makers have horrible quality testing facilities; HP, on the other hand, was a knight in shining armor that was able to able to outdo all of them. Sorry, but that is just plain BS. If HP wasn't affected by the battery issue, it is because they had some other reason to choose another battery supplier, but not because their quality testing is oh-so-superior.

I owned an HP ZE5000 laptop from 2002-2006, and throughout that time, while it wasn't really unreliable, it also wasn't exactly what I would call the most solid laptop ever. It was shipped to me with the built-in speakers not even connected(!), so I had to ship it back immediately to get that fixed. Within half a year, the left touchpad button no longer worked. The hard drive crapped out on me exactly one month after my 3-year extended warranty ran out, so I ended up having to replace it myself. Finally, last September the laptop itself decided to die on my for no apparent reason; an out-of-warranty repair would have set me back $400, which really wasn't worth it since I could just get a used laptop off of eBay for that price (which I did). So much for quality assurance!

Look, maybe you've had bad experiences with Dell, so have I. But I really, really just can't agree with the premise of your argument, that HP's quality is somehow better, because in my experience it's just not true. They both use low-cost parts that you would probably never dream of using if you were building a PC yourself. End of story.

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