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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) arrived just a few days ago with promises of better hardware compatibility, included proprietary software and drivers, and more user friendliness. Was it wort the wait? And more importantly - Is it finally time to "Make the Switch"?" Read the review here. Elsewhere, "First thoughts on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn" was published at ZDNet. Update: A reply article to the two linked above.
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RE: Messes up diskpartitions...
by pcdoctor on Sun 22nd Apr 2007 12:42 UTC in reply to "Messes up diskpartitions..."
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Seems that our old friend GRUB is causing Ubuntu a lot of problems.

I brought up the subject of GRUB-related dual-booting problems in seeming excess, on the linuxforums dot org site, and was told that indeed GRUB is way-old, and there's a new GRUB2 in the works somewhere!
I see FAR too many GRUB-related problems, and if I were Canonical, I'd seriously get my GRUB act together, and soon, coz it's screwing up a lot of people and their Windoze data, and is not winning Ubuntu any friends!

I simply will not take the risk: I keep my two separate OSes right where they belong, on two separate HDs.
My system is primitive as hell (like me) but I plug and unplug those two as and when I see fit.
No GRUB BS for me.

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just an fyi... but you can plug both drives in and still have it work without a boot-manager (assuming it is not a laptop... but even then, as long as it has a dual-drive you are cool)...

Your bios should have some key that loads up the boot menu... esc (if not set to bios), F10, or F12 seem to be the most common....

When it comes up, select "hard drive" from the list, and it will show you the installed drives and ask you to choose one.

Not all bios' work that way, mind you, but all 7 of my PCs do... so even if you can't use that, someone else probably can (not that it's odd, just not something people tend to think about)

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