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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) arrived just a few days ago with promises of better hardware compatibility, included proprietary software and drivers, and more user friendliness. Was it wort the wait? And more importantly - Is it finally time to "Make the Switch"?" Read the review here. Elsewhere, "First thoughts on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn" was published at ZDNet. Update: A reply article to the two linked above.
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Curious Comments
by vinzer on Sun 22nd Apr 2007 12:52 UTC
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I find it very interesting how people diss Ubuntu because it's not akin to Windows/OSX. Can I just reiterate that Ubuntu is not Windows/OSX?

Ubuntu and other non-commercial Linux distros aren't marketed as immensely as Win/OSX, and in no way did they ever intend to make the whole world use their distros (I've read a comment that assumed Ubuntu wanted the world to use it).

It is a testament to how much Ubuntu has grown, though, that people make these assumptions and is highly critical of it (as with any other high-profile product, Windows and OSX included).

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RE: Curious Comments
by ryanpg on Sun 22nd Apr 2007 13:41 in reply to "Curious Comments"
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Curious comments indeed... seems like you may have assumed an assumption has been made. Please take a look at ubuntu bug one (famous among geeks). "Microsoft has a majority market share" reported by: Mark Shuttleworth.

Although the goal "to make the whole world use their distros" is not explicitly stated, it isn'g not too difficult to infer (Ubuntu was designed to fix this bug). And since marketing and user friendliness are mentioned explicitly here, I find no fault when people "diss" it based on glaring flaws and omissions. In fact, I consider your comment about the lack of marketing a valid "diss". In order for Ubuntu to close this bug they will have to endure a heck of a lot more criticism than they have received on osnews today. And I'm glad, Ubuntu isn't anywhere near ready for the masses, but it is improving. To quote Jello Biafra "We can't grow if we don't criticize ourselves."

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