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Windows If you shout something loud enough and many people are saying it, does it become true? Some groups of people (include tech journalists and Linux advocates, such as Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols) have a psychological need to find Vista lacking. Mr. V-N has predicted that Vista will have all manner of problems, so his clear interest is to point out everything that is wrong with the OS. Who cares if he has to even make some stuff up?
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RE: Logic, anyone?
by PlatformAgnostic on Tue 24th Apr 2007 00:37 UTC in reply to "Logic, anyone?"
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I was attempting to dispute SJVN's sources, since I don't particularly trust his assertions and wanted to see the data behind them. I'm a student, and I wrote this article to take a break from one of my most stressful weeks ever. I'm not paid to do this, so I'm not going to spend my time chasing down every reference in SJVN's web.

I just wanted to point out that there was a bit of a ZDNet echo chamber. SJVN echoing himself is not that interesting to me. If you have a point to make about any SJVN fact I missed, please post it here so that it may be discussed. I'd like to keep the scope technical, though... I won't respond to points about marketshare or licensing practices. DRM is fair game, but only the technical aspects of it.

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RE[2]: Logic, anyone?
by Snifflez on Tue 24th Apr 2007 03:07 in reply to "RE: Logic, anyone?"
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I don't object to your examination of facts presented by SJVN. I am merely pointing out the fact one of your premisses and the conclusion you're trying to reach, are the same, which constitutes a logical fallacy. Your argument is fundamentally flawed. Now, this has nothing to do with whether SJVN is being objective or not (personally, I think he and objectivity weren't exactly introduced to one another). I don't have a problem with your premisses or your conclusion. It's your logic I have a bone to pick with; it's simply flawed.

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RE[3]: Logic, anyone?
by PlatformAgnostic on Tue 24th Apr 2007 03:43 in reply to "RE[2]: Logic, anyone?"
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"SJVN is a biased troll" was my premise, not my conclusion. I'll freely admit that what I wrote was a rant, but I'd like you not to think it's a screed. I tried hard to present details which might be interesting to an OS enthusiast.

Really, the whole point of my article is the plea in my blurb at the end. I want to learn more about the internals of Linux and other OSes that people are experienced with. I think it would be fun and worthwhile to start a OSNews Enlightenment project so that we can defend our chosen OSes with facts and experiments rather than quotemining and citing biased sources like ZDNet.

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