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Linux Linux Kernel 2.6.21 has been announced. Linus writes: "So the big change during 2.6.21 is all the timer changes to support a tickless system (and even with ticks, more varied time sources). Thanks (when it no longer broke for lots of people ;) go to Thomas Gleixner and Ingo Molnar and a cadre of testers and coders." More info here and here.
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Definition of "troll"
by edwardyawn on Thu 26th Apr 2007 13:13 UTC
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Definition of a "troll": anyone who says or does something you do not like or agree with. "Trolling" is an expression that these days covers just about any sort of activity on the internet. Web discussions always end with someone calling someone else a troll, nazi, fascist, or anti-semite. Piss off.

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RE: Definition of "troll"
by biteydog on Thu 26th Apr 2007 16:30 in reply to "Definition of "troll""
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Your post was not part of a discussion, merely a ranting insult. A "definition" of a word from someone who is incapable of spelling is inevitably rather suspect, anyway.

I suggest night classes, if you are old enough to attend. You might enjoy them, and maybe even get a life.

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