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Windows It would seem that the upcoming release of Microsoft's Windows Vista does not seem like a good thing for the desktop Linux community. After all, this update to Windows XP is going to focus on two attributes which have pushed users to Linux for years- security and stability. Upon closer inspection though, the move to Vista may be the perfect time for the Linux community to make headway on the desktop and increase its user base dramatically. The number of features which Microsoft has cast aside since Longhorn and the hardware requirements of Vista have set the stage for a large scale move to desktop Linux.
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Still got more than a year left
by ronaldst on Fri 26th Aug 2005 16:21 UTC
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before the Longhorn onslaught. Too bad Linux core devs won't listen and fix up the problems that plague Desktop distros. -_-

Did they fix the X server's laggy response time yet?

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--- "Did they fix the X server's laggy response time yet?"

Along with a massive amount of other improvments to desktop linux, yes, X Windows is getting better. The truth is that X is not nearly as laggy as you think though. Your desktop environment's speed is a far bigger part of the overall performance of the desktop.

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What Linux core devs would those be?

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