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Games "Last Wednesday, a company called Falling Leaf Systems announced the availability of an alpha of something called the Alky Project. The Alky Project has a lofty goal: to liberate DirectX 10 gaming from the confines of Vista and bring it first to Windows XP, and then to Linux and OS X. The project plans to do this by building a converter that can take in a DX10 game executable and spit out a modified version that can be run on a (non-Vista) target OS. The target OS must be x86-based, which rules out the PPC version of OS X, since the converter doesn't do any binary translation."
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by WereCatf on Thu 26th Apr 2007 18:19 UTC
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This whole thing is _clearly_ vaporware :O It might be possible to make Vista games run on XP by creating some wrappers for Vista-specific system calls, but making a DX10 game work on Linux just by modifying the binary executable file? Err..they'd have to emulate whole Windows..I don't know _any_ single game that manages to use only directx calls and not a single call to anything Windows specific. So basically, it seems to me that they'd just do the same what Wine does, but wrap it around the executable. If they don't use Wine, then they'll take years and years to get to even where Wine is standing now.

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