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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris "After making a lot of progress with Mandriva Linux 2007, I thought perhaps Mandriva had turned over a new leaf, and was using that release as a starting point for an overall better quality operating environment. I was totally wrong. Both the PowerPack Edition and Discovery/LX have slid so far back with version 2007.1 that I have serious doubts as to the future of Mandriva's viability as a commercial desktop operating system." Read more at SoftwareInReview.
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Always a second-tier distro
by garymax on Thu 26th Apr 2007 20:57 UTC
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I got my start in Linux with Mandrake (now Mandriva) and I have fond memories of the distro. But they always seemed to wander around not quite knowing who their target market was or how to get there.

As they spun their wheels other distros came on the scene and supplanted them.

Madriva's days may indeed be numbered.

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RE: Always a second-tier distro
by RGCook on Thu 26th Apr 2007 21:43 in reply to "Always a second-tier distro"
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Ditto here. I remember asking my PhD EE brother-in-law which distro to try when I became interested in Linux 2 years ago. He recommended Mandrake. I had a ball with it early on but gradually became disgruntled when I encountered severe lockup and numerous bugs/issues. So its sad to see it continue to decline QC/QA wise.

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"Madriva's days may indeed be numbered."

I doubt that their days are numbered. I think that Mandriva is still a very good distro (spring 2007 is a better release than some distros released recently). The only problem with Mandriva is that it does not seem to reach out to the community as much as other distros. Reaching out to the community a bit more would get more users and developers involved in Mandriva.

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Yep, I moved on as well, a couple of years ago. This article just serves to remind me why.

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