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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Another six months, another release from the Ubuntu folks. The Ubuntu 7.04 release, better known as Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, is another cutting-edge, but not bleeding-edge, release that shows what Linux is capable of on the desktop. I've been running it since the early betas, and have found that it's the best Ubuntu release yet." Read more at Newsforge. And another article, Vista vs. Ubuntu and its rebuttal.
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Lovely - BUT
by ormandj on Fri 27th Apr 2007 19:05 UTC
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It doesn't work for a fair number of people, myself included.

There's another gazillion where those came from, and that's only computer-savvy people who are aware of the forums. It's a serious issue and it was not caught before release - uncool. If it were just one or two people/niche hardware, that'd be one thing - but it's a large problem that affects many, and makes the distro unusable.

So, tell me when they get their QC up to an acceptable level, and I'll give them a shot again - it sure does look nice beyond this issue.

[Edit: I wanted to point out this is the exact same issue for many people, not various issues. This is why it's a problem - it's affecting a large number of people - for various reasons. The most interesting tidbit of information - for most of these people - the previous Ubuntu releases worked fine - so if they hit the upgrade button - their machines are now hosed.]

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RE: Lovely - BUT
by fretinator on Fri 27th Apr 2007 19:28 in reply to "Lovely - BUT"
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Reminds me of the Mandrake 9 (I think it was 9.2) bug that trashed many DVD drives worldwide. At least this isn't damaging any hardware. I'm not sure there is any good answer to this sort of problem other than a large army of good beta testers with a lot of diverse hardware. I wonder if any of the people that had these problems had tried the beta's of feisty. I for one didn't. I prefer to wait for the final, but that doesn't help Ubuntu. Otherwise, Canonical would have to have a giant test lab with thousands of machines with every possible combination. Since this appears to be a kernel-level bug, I'm surprised it didn't come up in the kernel testing.

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RE[2]: Lovely - BUT
by ormandj on Fri 27th Apr 2007 19:32 in reply to "RE: Lovely - BUT"
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You'll love this. The problem wasn't in the RCs. They made a change for the final release after the last RC that caused the issue. This is the QC issue I'm getting at, last minute changes blowing up the system.

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RE[2]: Lovely - BUT
by AdamW on Fri 27th Apr 2007 20:05 in reply to "RE: Lovely - BUT"
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You mean, the bug in LG's firmware that was exposed by an upstream kernel patch Mandrake 9.2 happened to ship.

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RE: Lovely - BUT
by melkor on Sat 28th Apr 2007 09:21 in reply to "Lovely - BUT"
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Now if everyone does the right thing and submits a properly detailed bug report, the guys at Ubuntu can trace and fix the problem. The interesting thing is that I don't think beta versions of 7.04 were affected, so it's something that's happened in the final release.

I agree it's a major bug, but I suspect you'll see fixed and updated ISOs for people to download in the next week or 2.


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RE[2]: Lovely - BUT
by Morin on Sat 28th Apr 2007 13:08 in reply to "RE: Lovely - BUT"
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> Now if everyone does the right thing and submits a
> properly detailed bug report, the guys at Ubuntu can
> trace and fix the problem.

I tried this once (for Feisty beta) and found it unnecessarily hard to file a bug report. I didn't find good help where/how to file the report. After some searching, it was still unclear whether I should register the bug directly with Launchpad myself, or if I should explain it in some forum.

Option #1 isn't really helpful. Being a computer geek myself, I can handle things like Launchpad, but some regular users cannot, although they have valuable information about bugs too. Also, registering and then filing the report in the correct section in LP are a lot of hurdles in the way of somebody who wants to *contribute*.

Option #2, the forums, aren't the blue sky either. You are left alone figuring out in which subforum to post; you have to register there too (although regular users are more used to forums than to something like LP); it's unclear whether the information reaches the developers; and finally all you read is about "support" (dammit, I don't want my hand held, I want to give you the information *you* want). Again, a lot of hurdles for somebody who wants to *contribute*.

Make it clear on the main page (related to that release) where to file bug reports (put a link there), and don't require registration!

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