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Microsoft "Microsoft Corp. posted a 65 percent rise in quarterly profit Thursday, topping Wall Street estimates thanks to better than expected demand for its new Windows Vista operating system." More here.
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RE[4]: Vista Performance
by Almafeta on Sat 28th Apr 2007 12:03 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Vista Performance"
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You think it's rough on you? Try being someone who, after an objective and thorough search for a third-party OS, consciously chose Windows over all the other options. Try being someone who thinks artists should be able to get royalties for their work, and who thinks programmers should be able to make a living for their code.

I've been called a Nazi, a capitalist, a communist, a monopolist, an anarchist, a fascist, and a scientologist for having these positions. And that's just here; I've been called other things on other things that I can't say on a family-friendly forum.

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RE[5]: Vista Performance
by factotum218 on Sun 29th Apr 2007 05:35 in reply to "RE[4]: Vista Performance"
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I agree with you. But Windows doesn't suit my needs. I don't have anything against the product at all. I don't have anything against any OS. I am pro-everything. A am anti-crusade all around as well. No one is right. I may be a fan of Linux on my desktop but like you and not like many other linux fans, I like to get out and get some air now and again and visit the real world

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