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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Dell today leaked a memo to the press, hoping to prove that it's serious about making a strong comeback. CEO Michael Dell penned the memo that went out first to employees and then shortly thereafter to the Wall Street Journal, once Dell's PR team gave the all clear. The e-mail made ample use of broad statements and rhetoric to rally troops around the Dell 2.0 concept, which has a revitalized Dell trying new things like being nice to consumers to get back in the hardware game. In particular, Dell will work to make its management, manufacturing, supply chain and customer service more efficient, CEO Dell said in the memo."
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One word China
by Southern.Pride on Mon 30th Apr 2007 02:59 UTC
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Dell is nothing more than an importer for China made laptops/desktops/servers nothing more - nothing less.

They can't blame it on paying USA wages when everything is made for peanuts in Communist China.

Sounds like some CEO's have been dipping in the jar and now the cash flow is having a drought.

Lastly, they have done this to themselves who wants sub-par inferior products?

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RE: One word China
by Johann Chua on Tue 1st May 2007 05:56 in reply to "One word China"
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Normally I wouldn't consider "southern pride" to be a euphemism for racist beliefs, but you really don't give yourself an out, Johnny Reb.

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