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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Officially, Dell hasn't said a word yet about which Linux it will be preloading on its desktops and laptops. Several sources within Dell, however, have told that Dell's desktop Linux pick is going to be Ubuntu. While unable to confirm this through official Dell channels, we have heard the same story now from several internal Dell sources. They tell us that the computer giant will be preinstalling the newly released Ubuntu 7.04. These systems will be released in late May 2007."
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It is only good for linux distros if end users who are new to Linux have a good experience from it - if they get burned by Dell in any way, it will likely set back linux in general for some time, as it can be very hard to rebuild a reputation once it has been torn down. I would be a bit nervous about this if I were Mr. Shuttleworth.

Ubuntu is a very good distro, but their release cycle is too aggressive and it isn't tested thoroughly enough IMO. Instead of having a release every six months, they should move to an annual release schedule, and focus on quality control. Having played around with 7.04 for a bit, there are a number of glaring problems where it is quite obvious no-one actually tested particular features before release, such as camera support, where any noob to Linux would be really put off by the experience of dealing with things like that.

Dell would be wise to stick with 6.10 rather than 7.04, as it at least has been stabilised, while 7.04 is a bit bleeding edge and unfinished at this stage.

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Why couldn't they just use the LTS releases? Wouldn't that make the most sense?

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