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Privacy, Security, Encryption Dino Dai Zovi, the New York-based security researcher who took home USD b10000 in a highly-publicized MacBook Pro hijack on April 20, has been at the center of a week's worth of controversy about the security of Apple's operating system. In an e-mail interview with Computerworld, Dai Zovi talked about how finding vulnerabilities is like fishing, the chances that someone else will stumble on the still-unpatched bug, and what operating system - Windows Vista or Mac OS X - is the sturdiest when it comes to security.
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RE: True
by Umbra on Tue 1st May 2007 05:26 UTC in reply to "True"
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The issue is that apple and their minions are so arrogant.

It is the role of technology companies to be arrogant. Tech companies should always know better than their customers. If they dont, we end up with with operating systems like Microsoft Windows (all versions) which all have been a major security disasters for more than 12 years. The main reason is Microsoft's pathetic fear for braking compatibility for customers apps & solutions and knowing better than their customers. As soon as tech companies stop being arrogant they are dead as tech companies. Tech companies role is to always know better than their customers - know better and know far ahead. This is what IBM once knew. But today they have started to listen to customers, and the customer knows nothing and is usually only aware of that fact too late - just like Microsoft.

All Mac OS operating systems have been extremely safe. Classic is still 100% safe to use and Mac OS X is still probably the safest desktop operating system on this planet.

Read my lips, Microsoft Windows Vista will continue from where Microsoft NT.95.98.W2K.XP ended their lifes as a stranded security mess, all unmaintainable. I am note mentioning Microsoft Windows Millennium, am I ?

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RE[2]: True
by WyldStylist on Tue 1st May 2007 05:30 in reply to "RE: True"
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The only maintence for vista/xp i noticed are Vlite and Nlite where the user has to cut out insecure things and basiclly alter the system/change its purpuse. Mighthaps even use windows embedded Minlogon.exe for Velocity

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