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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu After yesterday's unconfirmed rumour about Ubuntu being pre-installed on Dell machines, it has now become official. In a joint statement released today, Dell and Canonical announced that Dell will now offer laptops and desktop computers pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux 7.04. The computers will be sold via Dell's web site, said Canonical's director of operations Jane Silber. "We have worked with Dell to get Ubuntu fully supported and fully certified on Dell hardware," she said. "Ubuntu has the full endorsement of Dell." Update: Ubuntu Linux 7.04 Feisty Fawn review by Extremetech.
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We shall see
by Devilotx on Tue 1st May 2007 13:32 UTC
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if it will be like the "N" series, where the exact same computer with windows was 100 bucks cheaper AND it came with an LCD monitor.

the main thing for me is seeing some sort of palpable savings on the windows/linux front, I'm not looking to see a huge difference in cost, but $40 - $50 bucks would be reasonable.

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RE: We shall see
by Lu-Tze on Tue 1st May 2007 14:13 in reply to "We shall see"
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I doubt it will be that much cheaper. As has been reported many times previously, the OEM rate for Windows is very low and most or all of it is offset by the "crapware" loaded on it. If you add to this the investment they have to put in in testing and altering hardware, training people for the linux install, it will possibly be more expensive (at least initially). But there are two optimistic scenarios (a) they decide not to pass everything onto the consumer and just treat their costs as an investment to get into a new market (b) they might find crapware to install on these machines just like any Windows machine e.g. something like the Google pack deal or Real Player should be happy to get on. Which means some of us might have to spend some time getting rid of junk but at least we will get cheaper machines.

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RE[2]: We shall see
by JCooper on Tue 1st May 2007 14:22 in reply to "RE: We shall see"
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At least the hardware will be certified, so (in theory) booting from a fresh Feisty install CD will leave you with a "crapware" free install, with 100% working hardware ;)

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RE[2]: We shall see
by tweakedenigma on Tue 1st May 2007 14:25 in reply to "RE: We shall see"
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That might not be a bad thing one thing I see in the Ubuntu forums a lot is how do I install real player. aslong as the pick useful crapware I dont mine so much.

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RE: We shall see
by rm6990 on Wed 2nd May 2007 01:17 in reply to "We shall see"
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Why exactly would the Linux option be cheaper when Dell makes a profit from the programs that come pre-installed on their systems, and they also have to add further steps into their manufacturing process and testing process to support and preinstall Linux? I don't see K3B,, etc etc paying Dell the money that companies like Symantec, Real Networks, etc etc pay Dell.

I'd actually be surprised if the Linux option was cheaper. Would be nice though.

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