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X11, Window Managers Cairo v1.4.6 is released and it's got a "particularly juicy performance fix, (working around an X server performance bug), as well as native PDF gradients with alpha". In other interesting open source releases, the powerful audio application Ardour v2.0 was released (with Mac OS X support).
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by apoclypse on Wed 2nd May 2007 12:29 UTC
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wow what a coincidence, I just downloaded and compiled the source yesterday to check out the new UI. Trust me it makes a huge difference, the move to gtk2 and cairo has meade the application dramatically better in terms of looks. It looked dated before, due to the really old widgets, now I have to say that its one of the better looking gtk-based apps I have used. I'm still confused on how to use it at this point since there is a bit of a non-standard layout. I was expecting something more along the lines of cubase but its more like Pro-tools at this point.

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