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X11, Window Managers Cairo v1.4.6 is released and it's got a "particularly juicy performance fix, (working around an X server performance bug), as well as native PDF gradients with alpha". In other interesting open source releases, the powerful audio application Ardour v2.0 was released (with Mac OS X support).
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Ardour Release
by Nublu on Thu 3rd May 2007 05:38 UTC
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I 've had a chance to peruse the Ardour Manual and play with the Program. Combined with Jack and Alsa it is really a very capable system with a good future. Please appreciate that it is an Audio workstation. They state that full Midi is in the works. If their Midi implementation is as good as their Audio work, I am smiling.
Oh yea, one still has to study a bit and learn some stuff. But I like to tinker.

For me its' future is bright because of the development environment that is Linux. Music Software for the general market is being written or adapted for distributed computing (multi cores and over the network)...The Home turf of Linux... and maybe.. the open router project. Oh, there I go, smiling again.
Ardour is definately in the game at the top levels- in my opinion. Just gonna take some patience and support.

I only became aware of RME's support of ALSA with the above post. I am so-o-o glad to hear that as they make really top of the line eqipment. A real endorsement for ALSA.

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