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RISC OS "Paul Middleton just emailed to let us know that RISC OS SelectInfo 4 Issue 2 is now available to download to any RISC OS Select subscriber who renewed their subscription on or after January 1st 2006. In the PR, Paul Middleton says: "Select 4 and its underlying RISC OS Six technology represents over 10 man years of development which has taken RISC OS 4 from its 26 bit version to its new fully 32 bit neutral source version.""
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by predictor on Fri 4th May 2007 01:52 UTC
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...but is RISC OS even remotely relevant for anything but the most sworn enthusiast these days? Just asking.

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RE: Nice...
by helf on Fri 4th May 2007 03:53 in reply to "Nice..."
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probably not... but why do people ask these questions? they just ignite flame wars. specially with the way you worded it.

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RE[2]: Nice...
by hhcv on Fri 4th May 2007 06:40 in reply to "RE: Nice..."
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Thing is.. many of us are new to these alternative operating systems... and don't really know how they are being used.

I think it is perfectly fine to ask these sorts of questions (even with a trolling tone). Just maybe somebody will stand up, answer the question and we'll all be better off for having had the question asked.


I just wish people would lighten up a bit.

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RE: Nice...
by Kroc on Fri 4th May 2007 09:33 in reply to "Nice..."
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What relevance has this to the article in question? RISC OS Select 4 Issue 2 is available for RISC OS users, not Windows users with an urge to mock niche operating systems.

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