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RE: GPS and WiFi
by ealm on Fri 4th May 2007 07:06 UTC
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I don't know about VoIP, but users in swedish forums haev used wlan for extensive browsing and our largest mobile magazine stated, after extensive testing, that the wifi support is excellent and stable.

A friend of mine got his N95 yesterday and walking around with the GPS outside, we managed to get repositioned every ten steps or so - very accurate in other words.

Since the US version doesn't support 3G(!) or PTT I suppose it's a slightly different phone. Maybe the WiFi and GPS issues are US-model specific?

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RE[2]: GPS and WiFi
by Eugenia on Fri 4th May 2007 07:18 in reply to "RE: GPS and WiFi"
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I do NOT have the US version, I have the world version which is the same as the European one. My phone arrived from Hong-Kong and besides, I upgraded the firmware and made things a bit better already, just not perfect.

The fact that your phones worked does not mean that the bug does not exist. We don't have the same routers. I use a Netgear with WEP 64bit (I use WEP because most of my PDAs don't support WPA).

But as I said, create a Gizmo account and let your phone registered to VoIP. Then, time it as to how long before you hear the "beeeep" to tell you that it's got disconnected. With the first firmware it was within 10 minutes. With the new firmware, it is between 30 and 45 minutes.

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RE[3]: GPS and WiFi
by Wacky_ on Fri 4th May 2007 16:29 in reply to "RE[2]: GPS and WiFi"
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Have you disabled the WLAN power saving mode?

Settings -> Connection -> Wireless LAN -> Options -> Advanced Settings

Continue anyway - yes, disable automatic configuration and try with different parameters/power save disabled.

It atleast makes the WLAN speeds faster.

I've not had any problems in the SF downtown are to get a GPS satellite lock. Seems to hold the lock quite well even in between tall buildings. Keep the slider open when trying to get GPS to lock. After locking on I've been able to close the slider and keep the phone in pocket without losing GPS.

The Maps application is done by Nokia, only the maps are licensed.

N95 is able to playback video clips with resolution higher than QVGA, nice for playing them through TV-OUT.

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