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RE: GNOME looks like Windows?
by evad on Sat 5th May 2007 13:59 UTC in reply to "GNOME looks like Windows?"
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GNOME is like Mac OS X! Am I the only one who thinks this? So many parts of Nautilus and other parts of GNOME are similar... The Windows shell is quite different to GNOME, at least, I think so.

I like Ubuntu a whole lot, but, this article is just beyond the joke. It makes outrageous claims such as Windows being really slow and Ubuntu being much, much faster. Now, I'd love this to be the case but Nautilus and many GNOME apps aren't exactly lightweight and ultra-fast...

I vote for a 24-hour ban on Ubuntu articles ;)

"Is this a new day in computing? That might be a slight exaggeration, but I hope not."

Yes, you are exaggerating. We are a long way from Ubuntu being the best desktop operating system ever. I use it every day and I choose not to use Windows - but I still acknowledge that Windows has advantages and it's not all black and white.

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More precisely, GNOME is an evolution of MacOS Classic. It takes a lot of the fundamental principles of that platform, and evolves them in new directions (adding layout management, etc).

As for being fast, it's really weird. GNOME was a pig on my PII-300. Windows and BeOS flew in comparison. But fast-forward seven or eight years, and GNOME isn't much more heavyweight than it was back then, and OS X and Windows (Vista) have exploded. Moreover, some credit needs to be given to the kernel developers. The early problems with interactivity have really driven them to make a kernel well-suited to interactive use. It's still not as snappy under low-load as Windows (which uses scheduling hacks to achieve that speed), but under moderate/heavy loads it is the absolute best kernel out there for a desktop machine (under such loads, Windows's scheduling hacks come back to bite it in the ass).

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Its not an evolution of anything it is what all *western* desktops are a *desktop* analogy. The reality is its an analogy we are all familiar with. Now whether that analogy works well or is a good one. It is the standard.

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